Daraya - A Library under the Bombs

Syria, Turkey, France, 2018, 64’

Arabic with Turkish and English subtitles


Directors: Delphine Minoui, Bruno Joucla

Cinematography: Delphine Minoui

Editing: Bruno Joucla

Sound: Georges Lahtte, Delphine Minoui


In the midst of the Syrian civil war, a group of friends ventures a unique experiment of cultural resistance: despite the constant bombing, they rescue books from the rubble of the besieged city of Daraya, 7 kilometers from Damascus, and secretly build a library that becomes a sanctuary for the hope of peace, freedom, and democracy. A special experience that they meticulously film and document. Since the city was vacated, the friends separated by the turmoil of war and forced exile are longing for a reunion. Daraya – A Library Under Bombs is an inspirational story that impressively shows how hope and friendship can overcome the horrors of war.

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