Josephine Baker, The Story of an Awakening

Josephine Baker, Premiere Icone Noire

France, Belgium, 2018, 52’, 

English, French with Turkish and English subtitles


Director: Ilana Navaro

Editing: Véronique Lagoarde-Ségot

Sound: Jean-Luc Fichefet

Producers: Juliette Cazanave, Novak Prod


How did a poor little black girl from Missouri become the Queen of Paris, before joining the French Resistance and finally creating her dream family “The Rainbow Tribe”, adopting twelve children from four corners of the world? This is the fabulous story of the first black superstar, Josephine Baker. Rare and unprecedented archives resolve the puzzle of Josephine’s fascinating fifty-year-long “headline-grabbing career”. This is the journey of a superstar’s awakening from the “banana dancer” to a humanist fighter. But can fame change the world?

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