A Tribute to Kieslowski - Talking Faces

Turkey, 2018, 22’, Color

Turkish with English subtitles


Directors: Kudbettin Cebe, Ömer Şamlı

Cinematography: Ömer Şamlı

Sound: Sacide Sedef İlhan

Editing: Ömer Şamlı, Kudbettin Cebe

Producers: Mahsun Cebe, Kahraman Cebe, Artıkişler Video Kolektifi


In 1980, Kieslowski filmed a documentary called 'Talking Heads'. In the film, from age 1 to 100, people were asked to answer 2 questions; 'Who are you?' and 'What do you want? The given answers in Balıkesir/Turkey were more precisely based on culture, class, society, gender, and ethnicity - where the difference between the two films/two times/two spaces appear. Some of the answers were unexpectedly simple but also very much emotional and thoughtful at the same time. How were the answers differentiated from each other? What was the scale ratio of geography and time between the two films? How did Kieslowski conduct his movie in 1980 and as Kinoeyes how did we conducted our film? Why were these 2 questions selected? Who are we and what do want? "Talking Faces" aims to feel the pulse of the society by re-making Kieslowski's documentary "Talking Heads" within the context of the sociology of effects. 

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