Turkey, Azerbaijan, 2018, 11’

Azerbaijani with Turkish and English subtitles


Director: Emi̇l Ali̇

Cinematography: Emi̇l Ali̇

Editing: Ahtam İbragi̇mov, Fari̇d Şahbazov

Sound: Turap Başel

Producers: Ali̇ Araz – Qan Turali


In 1981 The Kurdilli Peninsula became an island as a result of the increase of the level of Caspian Sea. Those who live in two villages of the peninsula leave the island over time. In 2014, everyone on the entire island left there. What was left was a large piece of land and Vitaly who spend 66 years of life on the island. While ‘Adam’, focuses on the story of abandonment of Kurdilli Peninsula through Vitaly Pronin’s eyes, also portraits the lonely man’s memories and shares desires.

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